To create a diet for your patient, you can use a pre-created template to save time. To assign a diet to the patient, click on the client’s name. From the patient profile, click “add diet” button. 

In the upper left corner, you will find the “use diet template” button, click it and enter the name of the diet you want to use. After selecting the diet, click the “next” button. From the upper left corner choose  “next” button and you will get to step 2 of creating the diet.

Complete the beginning and ending dates of the diet

All other information is already completed exactly as in the selected template. Customize it to your client’s needs, then click “Next” again. In step 3 all dishes from the selected template will appear. If in the previous step you changed the number of calories per day or the proportion of calories between meals, adjust the menu to meet the new assumptions. You don’t have to create the entire menu in one approach, you can resume working on it at any time.