To add a new meal to your private database, select the “Meals and diets” tab

Then select “Meals” and click the “Add meal” button. 

In the tab that now appears on your screen, complete the information about the dish.

Add ingredients by entering their names or selecting them from the list. If the chosen product does not have the home measures you need (e.g. the recipe requires adding a whole glass of lemon juice), select “none” and enter the required amount manually. 

Fill in the preparation time of the meal. If the ingredients you have written down allow you to prepare several portions, enter their quantity. 

Choose one or more categories to which this dish should be assigned. This will make it easier to find it while working on diets. 

Click “Save”. Done! You can already use the new meal when creating diets for your customers. Moreover, if you notice that the meal you are looking for is missing in the database, you can add it yourself while creating a diet. In this case, all you have to do is click the “Create meal” button in the flyout table.