Are you a patient and want to log into your client account from your browser? If you have not yet activated your client mobile app, here are instructions on how to get started with TiqDiet. 

  1. Client activation by a dietitian 

First, make sure that the dietitian has invited you to use the program by checking the checkbox “Send account activation SMS to client”

  1. SMS confirmation

Within a few minutes of sending the activation link, you will receive a message on your phone number confirming the activation of your account. Click on the attached link to activate your profile.

  1. Enter your e-mail address

To set your password enter the email address you gave the dietician during your visit!

  1. Go to your email inbox

An email will be sent to you to confirm your identity. Log in to your mailbox to set up a password for your customer panel.

  1. This is the last step! 

After clicking on the link you can set a new password. Make sure it is secure and contains a minimum of 6 characters!

  1. Log in to your customer panel

 After setting your password you can now log in

  1.  Start using

Enter your details you just set up and enjoy the app in your browser!