Duplicating and hiding products

The first quarter of 2022 is behind us. It was a very productive and busy period for our team. With your needs in mind, we have introduced a very important functionality to TiqDiet. It is duplication and hiding of unwanted products.

All changes can be checked in the main panel, tab “Dishes and menus”.

To perform the operation, go to the “Products” tab and find the product you are interested in, then by clicking on the settings icon next to the selected product, choose the “copy” option.

You are now in the product editing window. Here you can make the desired changes. Once you have made the necessary modifications, select the “Hide product” option and then save the changes.

Now the product will still be visible in the list of all products in the main tab, but it will not be in the list of products in the menu creator or when composing a dish.

The process of hiding products is reversible, just click the green “Show hidden product” box.

We wish you a pleasant use of our software!

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