Detox – is it really needed?

What is detox?

Detox or detoxification is, according to its definition, a way of treating an addiction by sudden cutting-off psychoactive substances combined with a psychological and pharmacological therapy. Nowadays though, detox has a new meaning which is often used by food and supplements market. They try to convince us that the main source of all or the most of issues with our bodies are caused by toxins we can find almost everywhere – in water, air, cosmetics and of course, food.

It effected with a surprisingly large number of cleansing diets, tablets and juices whose the main job is to bring back homeostasis in our body and help us with losing unwanted kilograms, bringing back our skin, hair and nails that glow. It also says it can help with curing allergies and even depression.

Do we really need that extra support in order to cleanse our bodies?

Our internal filters

Human body is ‘equipped’ with organs which, if someone doesn’t have serious medical issues, are more than capable of cleansing ourselves from unwanted substances:

  • liver – the main filtering organ, our 1,5kg piece of happiness, which, if treated right, cleanse our blood from unwanted metabolical compounds, nourishment toxins, medicine, hormones etc.,
  • kidneys – they filter all substances our bodies need. After the processes finish, substances that are good to us go back to our bloodstream and the harmful one are disposed,
  • lungs – along with the breathe-out-air, they dispose all pollution,
  • intestines – small intestine is responsible for digesting food and large intestine takes part in cleansing our bodies from metabolism’s products,
  • skin – some of the harmful substances leave our body with sweat.

Detox – what helps or can help?

What if, even though we are healthy, we feel the strong need to help our body with cleansing itself, but at the same time our budget is very limited?

There are some natural ways whose effects can be lifelong. But before I will list them for you, I want to warn you – they may seem banal and they won’t impress your friends in the same way as a packet of tablets worth hundreds of pounds would.

Say goodbye to processed food

It’s the most fundamental rule. We live in the world where every single product, and I mean it – every single one, is suspicions. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a choice – even if it’s so called ‘smaller evil’. Do you like smoked meat? Buy the ones with the best ingredients and with the most meat. Or simply buy a piece of meat and cook it yourself – even a better solution. Do you like milk? Stop buying the UHT one which the best before date shows you next year. Choose the bottled one instead.

Eat vegetables

Try to have some vegetables with every meal you eat. Green, leaved vegetables are the main source of chlorophyll which disposes toxins.

Eat fruits

Fruits are great source of vitamins, minerals and cellulose. And they are great substitute for sweets 😉

No more sugar

Sugar – it only brings empty calories that help with gaining weight and might lead to dental caries, liver problems and cancer.

Alcohol only at special occasions

It’s not a sin to have a cheeky drink or two once in awhile, but remember that alcohol is a poison. Excessive drinking might lead to addiction, depression, high blood pressure, heart damage and cancer.

Drink water

Not juices, not soda, not alcohol, but water. If you don’t like its neutral taste, simply squeeze a little bit of lemon juice to improve it.

Tablets – only the vital ones

It’s a common fact that it’s difficult to give our body everything it needs just from food. Sometimes then correct supplementation is needed and welcomed.