Child’s diet – what to focus at?

All parents want what’s the best for their children and a healthy balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of their child’s development. Habits and role models that children take from home, shape their approach to what they eat. Amongst many factors, it’s parent’s lifestyle that has the biggest impact on their children’s nutritional preferences, physical activity and product acceptance [1].

Family lifestyle – why is it so important?

As the report published by WHO in 2014 says, there were over 41 millions overweight or obese children in the world who were no older than 5 years old [2]. This problem exists but the most important thing is to know how to deal with it.

What should we look at in children’s diet?

As many dietitians and doctors say there is too many high processed and calorific products in children’s diet and not enough physical activity [4,5]. Modern food market offers young customers a variety of seemingly amazing products that in reality have no nutritional value. Food vendors encourage their young customers to buy their products and use advertisement to do so.

Right advertisement turned out to be the most successful way to convince this specific audience to choose what modern food market offers. As the results show it’s children who are most vulnerable when it comes to advertisement. American scientist analysed TV’s Saturday’s mornings. Results? 49% advertisement on children’s channels were about food and fast-food restaurants where 91% presented food is high processed, full of sugar, sodium and saturated fats.   

What is a correct children’s diet then?

We need to use some common sense when it comes to food. We live in the world where saying that it’s value and not quantity that matters has a new meaning. It means we need to choose products with right nutritional value – low processed, fresh and easily digested. The healthy eating and physical activity pyramid for children and young adults shows the right proportions between specific products group we need to follow.

We need to remember about 5 meals a day and the right amount of physical activity which is fundamental to maintain healthy lifestyle as the healthy eating and physical activity pyramid says.


  • get rid of high calorific, pre-made meals and snacks. Always choose the healthier option,
  • instead of sweet drinks, choose water, instead of confectionery – fruits and when it comes to snacks forget about crisps and give your child nuts, seeds and dried fruits,
  • read all products labels. Very often behind colorful label there is a high processed product full of sugar.

This healthy way will help with learning the difference between food full of nutritional value and not empty calories.

Dietetyk Anna Boniek

Anna Boniek